Village Green At Stadium Trace

Hoover, Alabama

Village Green will be a family-oriented arts and entertainment lifestyle venue, located in the City of Hoover’s first official entertainment district. The design is driven by the mission to create a thriving hub for arts and culture within the already vibrant commercial development at Stadium Trace Village. Village Green will combine an amphitheater stage, a large multi-purpose pavilion, a multi-use bar, an outdoor recreation area, and a spacious green lawn into a single interactive environment that promotes art, culture, sustainability, education, and community. Village Green is designed as a community-centric space with the ability to hold larger ticketed events periodically.

Village Green consists of amphitheater seating around a 10,000-square-foot public area with a synthetic turf lawn. A pedestrian street flanks Village Green to the north which provides dedicated foot traffic access to the site. On the southern portion of the lawn sits a 40-ft by 32-ft covered stage, including 800-square-feet of stage support space with a large green room for entertainers.

A 900-square-foot bar with a 500-square-foot covered seating area lines the stage to the west. This multi-purpose, full-service bar will have a warming kitchen for food and beverage needs. A 500-square-foot covered tent area is provided for private rentals or VIP ticketing during major concert events. Tucked away between the bar and stage is a 1,400-square-foot secure play area for children to enjoy which includes play mounds, a crawling tunnel, a slide, musical themed playscapes, and an interactive art wall. Additionally, additional parking will be available in the area for Village Green patrons.

Project Quotes

“This new venue has everyone in the city excited. Hoover is a destination city in Alabama, and Village Green will broaden our citizens and visitors’ opportunities for great, kid-friendly family entertainment, restaurants, and exposure to local artists. Local businesses will benefit from patrons visiting from all over the state.”
Frank Brocato, City of Hoover Mayor

“This exciting new Lifestyle Venue and Entertainment District will give the City of Hoover another great attraction for our visitors and residents. With our 19 hotels, multiple restaurants, the Hoover Met Complex and great shopping, this just adds another great attraction for our city.
Tynette Lynch, City of Hoover Tourism Director

Hoover, Alabama
Unit Type
Arts & Entertainment Lifestyle Venue
Project Manager
Jim Masingill, Five Oaks South
Chambless King Architects
Engineer & Landscaper

What People Are Saying

After moving 1,250,000 cubic yards of mountain into the valley, piping a stream of over 400 yards with transmission lines, and gas line issues along the way, I can confidently say that Broad Metro and Will Kadish can handle anything. They are practical and hardworking people who seem to get to ‘yes’ every time.

Mark Gonzalez Gonzalez-Strength & Associates, Inc. (Best Development in Birmingham Award, 2019)

City of Hoover Beautification Award 2022

City of Hoover 2022 Commercial Beautification Award Winner for the Shopping Mall, Shopping Strip and Mixed Use Center Category

Broad Metro was a pillar of strength through Covid and is a major part of our renaissance in Birmingham, Alabama.

Randall Woodfin Mayor, City of Birmingham

William Kadish is a person of character.

Merrill Stewart Stewart Perry Construction (December 2021)

Broad Metro is the best kind of purchaser; Both flexible to seller requirements and always keeping their promises.

Justin Armstrong US Steel Real Estate (March 2016)

Broad Metro and Will Kadish have been able to accomplish what many developers said couldn’t be done. Their impressive vision for the development of Stadium Trace Village has been a game changer for the City of Hoover! We're proud to work with the unmatched expertise on the Broad Metro team.

Lee Willcoxon CEO/President of Willcoxon Properties LLC, Montgomery AL