Driven by community, we’re a catalyst for growth.

Broad Metro leaves properties better than we found them. We take a community-minded approach and strive to improve properties while prioritizing local needs and interests. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen truly remarkable places, and we do this by identifying and investing in strong communities in the Southeast that have high-value growth potential.


Typically, we prefer to ground lease property, but we’re flexible — we are willing to sell property in order to accommodate quality operators that will provide synergy for the development. Broad Metro is open-minded to prospective needs and requirements of tenants, and we’re happy to perform demolition, remediation and grading, as needed. We welcome tenants’ preferred developers for vertical improvements and allow for favorable purchase opportunities. Brokers may contact us directly or through exclusive broker assignments who can offer generous overrides.

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Our Process



Planning is the most critical aspect of a project’s success. When strategizing our projects, we define the actions that must be completed, establish a timeline, staff the project, secure permits and determine what resources are needed. Only after we’ve created a scope of work and a strong foundation do we move forward.


Site Evaluation

In order to optimize costs and schedule, site mapping and evaluation are integral components to Broad Metro’s process. We take every detail into consideration, including community demographics, access to utilities, traffic levels, zoning — and most importantly, opportunities for further development and growth.



The construction phase is when planning and strategy come to life — where the project moves from paper or screen to the real world. It’s the moment when the shovel hits the ground, transforming our plans into gathering places. This process is very involved, with various teams coordinating to meet project deadlines. The end result? Successful developments with engaged tenants and excited community members — guaranteed.