One of Broad Metro’s Newest Project: The Station at Crestline Heights

William Kadish’s Broad Metro Acquires Former Trinity Hospital

In a significant move for the Birmingham community, William Kadish, owner of Broad Metro, has announced the acquisition of the former Trinity Hospital and 820 building. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the revitalization efforts of the area, as plans are underway to transform the space into a new apartment development known as The Station at Crestline Heights.

The Station at Crestline Heights, spearheaded by Tynes Development, is set to be an impressive addition to Birmingham’s housing landscape, offering 277 units. This ambitious project reflects a commitment to providing high-quality housing options for residents while repurposing and revitalizing existing infrastructure within the city.

Founded in 1985 by Ingram Tynes, Tynes Development Corporation brings decades of experience and a stellar track record to the table. Tynes’ vision for the company was built on principles of integrity, community focus, and a dedication to leaving a positive impact on every project undertaken. Over the years, Tynes Development has earned a reputation for delivering consistent results and prioritizing the needs of families and communities.

In 1988, Tynes married his wife, D.A., whose keen eye for design, color, and architecture has played a pivotal role in the success of the company. Together, they have worked tirelessly to enhance neighborhoods and create vibrant, livable spaces that residents are proud to call home.

With a portfolio boasting more than $1 billion in property sales and currently managing over $125 million in assets, Tynes Development has established itself as a leader in the multi-family housing sector. Despite its growth, the company remains committed to its core values and operates with a small yet dedicated team focused on innovation and excellence.

The Station at Crestline Heights represents the culmination of Tynes Development’s expertise and dedication to creating exceptional living environments. Situated in the heart of Birmingham, this new apartment complex will offer modern amenities, thoughtful design, and a sense of community that sets it apart.

As Birmingham continues to evolve and grow, initiatives like The Station at Crestline Heights serve as catalysts for positive change, breathing new life into underutilized spaces and providing much-needed housing options for residents. With William Kadish’s Broad Metro at the helm and Tynes Development leading the charge, the future of Birmingham’s housing market looks brighter than ever.