Community Comes Together to Keep SEC Baseball Tournament Hydrated

Last week, during the SEC baseball tournament, attendees went through water bottles like crazy, making it almost impossible to find a bottle in the stadium. The shortage prompted quick action from the mayor and city employees, who were determined to solve the problem.

In a remarkable display of community spirit, the city managed to secure 7,000 bottles of water from Costco. Additionally, the police department contributed another 2,000 to 3,000 bottles. One of the standout moments of this effort came from the workers at Super Chix a local favorite located in Stadium Trace Village, particularly Zeel Zavarri, the manager, who played a crucial role in this operation.

Zeel Zavarri and his dedicated team at Super Chix were recognized for their exceptional customer service and community dedication. They used their truck to load up all the water bottles from Costco and ensured they were delivered back to the SEC Tournament, ensuring everyone stayed hydrated.

When the community and employees come together, great things happen. This event highlighted the extraordinary teamwork and commitment of everyone involved, from the mayor’s office to the police department and local businesses like Super Chix. Their collaborative effort not only addressed the immediate issue but also showcased the power of community service in action.