Broad Metro Requests Continuance for City Council Vote on Resolution #8062-24


Broad Metro Requests Continuance for City Council Vote on Resolution #8062-24

Hoover, AL — May 6, 2024 — Broad Metro, in response to extensive community feedback and in collaboration with city officials, announces the request for a continuance for the vote on Resolution #8062-24 originally scheduled for tonight’s city council meeting. The vote is now rescheduled for May 20th, 2024.

Over the past month, Broad Metro has engaged with thousands of residents in numerous meetings, where we addressed concerns and provided concessions to ensure community satisfaction. We’ve been encouraged by the overwhelming support for the project, with over 500 signatures endorsing our efforts.

In light of this feedback, Broad Metro has proposed additional concessions to enhance the resolution:

1. Blasting:

  • No blasting will be allowed on the 17 acres between Scout Lake and North Ridge.
  • Prior to any blasting, adjacent residents will receive notice and the opportunity for a home survey at the developer’s expense.
  • A performance bond will be posted by the qualified contractor.

2. Road Extension from PAC Roundabout to Brocks Gap Parkway:

  • City of Hoover sponsorship, subject to Council Vote.
  • Approval from Trace Crossing Residents Association required.
  • Inclusion of a tree-lined berm on either side.
  • Turtle-styled down lighting to prevent light spillover to residents.
  • Engineered sight lines and a Traffic Light with timing deference given to Brocks Gap Parkway, especially during peak hours.

3. Timing Extension for Land Purchase:

  • Extension of 60-90 days depending on city needs for appraisals and subdivision.

4. Exclusion of Brock’s Gap Three from Tax Incentive Package.

5. Conformance with Existing Development Agreement:

  • Edits to align with the successful development agreement on Stadium Trace Village phase one.

6. Land Purchase Details:

  • The land purchased by the City will include the approximate 17-acre parcel between Scout Lake and North Ridge Communities, as well as approximately 10 acres for roads, recreation paths, and buffer zones.

Broad Metro clarifies that the Golf Suites is a one-story complex, distinct from a 4-story Top Golf structure, addressing a common misconception. Additionally, it’s important to note that there will be no out-of-pocket expenses from the city for this project, debunking another misconception. All funding will be derived from future generated tax revenue starting in 2025.

Broad Metro remains committed to transparent and collaborative engagement with the community and looks forward to the vote on May 20th, 2024.

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Monty Ballard