Broad Metro Presents Plans for Phase Two of Stadium Trace Village

Hoover, Ala. (Feb. 15, 2024) – Broad Metro LLC, the developer of Stadium Trace Village in Hoover, Ala., announced plans for Phase Two of the Stadium Trace development located near the Hoover Met Complex. Subject to City Council Approval of Broad Metro’s Letter of Intent dated today and a binding contract, the planned project will be constructed and operational by 2025.

Phase Two of Stadium Trace Village will include:

  • The 82-acre development will set aside 36 acres dedicated to green space and the City of Hoover for public use. This includes a 150-foot conservation easement between the development and adjacent neighborhoods as a buffer zone. And, while granted rights to build houses – Broad Metro as a good-faith commitment for this development plan has elected instead to preserve the 18 acres between the Ridge and Scout Creek neighborhoods as forested area. Recreation paths in this section will be subject to approval of the Scout Lake and Trace Crossings Associations. No blasting will occur in the development of this project.
  • Across the site, engineers will develop a $2.25 million-dollar drainage system with 5 retention ponds located on land under contact to be purchased by Broad Metro above Scout Lake and along Scout Creek. The already designed water retention system will capture water, currently running under I459 across the old abandoned mine lands, and then filter the sediment away. This improvement will allow Scout Lake to recover as a Lake and enjoy greatly improved water quality. The ponds will also be beneficial for wildlife, migrating birds and public enjoyment. 
  • More than 1.5 miles of multi-use walking and bicycling trails. These trails will connect to existing trails in the area and will include educational observation areas, picnic spots, a meadowland and a community garden.
  • A golf cart path connecting residential communities to Stadium Trace Village.
  • In 2023, the City of Hoover unanimously passed a $93 million Bond Issue. $17 million was dedicated for a Performing Art Center and an Outdoor Amphitheater Park. In good faith and at its own expense, Broad Metro has already made great progress on Village Green, which is a 2.5-acre arts and entertainment venue including a greenspace with a childrens’ play area, a food and beverage area, an outdoor amphitheater and side stage. On the southwest side of the property, 11 acres of land will be purchased by the City of Hoover at below developer’s cost for the performing arts center. Prior to the city’s acquisition of the land, Broad Metro will build a road and recreation path, grade the land and create utility infrastructure on their behalf. The City Mayor has promised that the Stadium Trace Village Phase Two site is where the Performing Arts Center will be built only subject to good faith negotiations. The Mayor first wanted Broad Metro to build the site and lease it to the City and then asked for a build to suit purchase and now wishes to acquire the an 11-acre site that Broad Metro will deliver developer ready. The City will then have three years to commence construction of the Performing Arts Center. As requested, Broad Metro had afforded all three options to the City and the latest Letter of Intent provides the land at below cost and affords the City three years after Broad Metro delivers the fully graded pad as the Mayor requested.

The operators for the site were selected by community need including the promotion of the arts, family orientated entertainment, medical health options, tax generation for the City and synergy with the community with varying peak hours of operation. This allows for excess capacity on the lightly trafficked country style alternate road so as to ease future traffic anticipated from the Diamond Interchange and downstream development. 

  • On the northeast side, a Golf Suites family entertainment center with tiered golf range bays, a putting green and golf instruction (peak hours 6 to 8:30 p.m.)
  • A 50,000 sq.-ft. surgical hospital with 25 beds, along with 20,000 sq. ft. of space for medical offices, will make access to elective care more convenient for the residents of Hoover (peak hours 5:30 to 6:30 a.m.)
  • In the center, 120,000 square feet of low-traffic, single-tenant destination retail and dining space. Combined, these spaces create an attractive opportunity to bring tourism dollars to the city of Hoover (peak hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

An extensive traffic impact study was conducted by Skipper Consulting identifying areas of concern and guidance on roadway improvements. Access to the second phase property will be provided via an extension of Peridot Place, which would extend through the site and connect to Brocks Gap Parkway. The extension would be a curbed two-lane country-style road with a 35 mile per hour speed limit. Overflow parking will be added where the projects intersect. A roundabout at the center of the property would allow for easy exchange of traffic. Another roundabout will be added at Peridot Place and Marble Terrace in Phase 1.

At Brocks Gap Parkway, intersection improvements include the installation of a standard traffic signal with minimal phases. Brocks Gap Parkway will be given priority signal timings. Sightlines will be improved approaching the intersection on the north side of the parkway, and a berm planted with evergreens will help protect the mountain and forest scenery for the residents on the lake. This connection will also give area residents additional cut-thru access to Highway 150. 

ALDOT is planning the construction of a new interstate diamond exchange along I-459 and South Shades Crest Road off Brocks Gap Parkway. Some of the proposed traffic generated by the diamond exchange will be alleviated by this new alternate, underutilized roadway and recreation path created by Broad Metro.

The extension of Peridot Place will be completed in two parts – first from Stadium Trace Village to the new roundabout to be located in front of the city parcel. Then, in conjunction with construction of the ALDOT diamond exchange, Peridot Place will be connected to Brocks Gap Parkway.

“We are committed to developing Stadium Trace Village in a way that benefits the entire Hoover community,” said William Kadish, CEO of Broad Metro. “Phase Two will provide new recreation opportunities, green space and retail options, while also preserving the natural beauty of the area. It will also clean up Scout Lake for the Trace Crossing residents. We are confident that this project will be a success.”

“My wife and I live in Trace Crossings on Scout Creek Lake, and we are 100 percent in favor of Broad Metro’s plan design for Phase Two,” said Peter Defranco. “Broad Metro is a responsible developer with a history of success with care and concern for our lakes and green spaces. They are a good neighbor to our community. I trust William Kadish to do a fine job, and his project will be a benefit to the city.”

This project means a real and sustainable positive financial impact for the area. The construction phase will support labor and engineering jobs. The City of Hoover will benefit from property, and sales revenues generated as a result of this project – and lasting jobs will be created across sectors including professional medical, hospitality, retail and more. Additional economic impact findings are forthcoming.

Stadium Trace Village Phase Two possesses difficult challenges and opportunities. There are very large, abandoned mines, difficult topography and current rapid water runoff from underneath I459. However, Broad Metro has already spent over $1 million over the past year on professional engineering, traffic, environmental and hydrologist work, plans and studies to prepare to move forward with the project. Kadish believes that this investment in the City of Hoover is worth it based upon the strong demographics, community need and the City’s bond issue including $17 million for the Performing Arts Center and the Mayor’s stated commitment to the site for the Performing Arts Center.

The now nearly completed Phase One of Stadium Trace Village required moving over 1.25 million cubic yards of rock and dirt over a 500-yard stream, piping the same with the Army Corps of Engineers, grading the entire 45-acre site while reserving a 6-acre retention pond to protect neighboring and downstream property owners at a cost exceeding $25 million. Phase One now generates over $2.5 million in annual revenue to the City of Hoover and the School District. This commitment demonstrates Broad Metro’s ability and dedication to create a quality development that will benefit the community.

For more information on Stadium Trace Village’s second phase, please visit Media inquiries should be directed to Audrey Pannell at or 205.503.5955.