Alabama Hoops and Broad Metro Partner to Create Positive Change Through Basketball in Birmingham

In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, a powerful collaboration between Broad Metro, a leading commercial real estate developer owned by William Kadish, and Alabama Hoops is changing lives through the sport of basketball. Nestled within one of Broad Metro’s properties, this innovative multi-court facility serves as a beacon of positivity, accountability, and inclusivity for the entire community.

Alabama Hoops, driven by its mission to promote positive values and provide opportunities for youth development, has found a home at this state-of-the-art facility. More than just a place for basketball training, leagues, tournaments, and camps, it stands as a symbol of hope and transformation for generations to come.

Central to Alabama Hoops’ vision is the belief that basketball can be a catalyst for change. By fostering a welcoming environment that transcends socioeconomic barriers, the facility offers a level playing field where every individual, regardless of background or affiliation, can thrive.

Crucially, Alabama Hoops is not just about elite athletes or exclusive school programs. Instead, it opens its doors to all communities within the City of Birmingham, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate and grow through the sport they love.

In partnership with the non-profit organization AM3N, Alabama Hoops extends its reach even further by providing access to training and events for less fortunate kids. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that no child is left behind, regardless of their circumstances.

As spring and summer approach, Alabama Hoops is gearing up for its highly anticipated camps in 2024. These camps offer a unique opportunity for aspiring basketball players to hone their skills, build character, and forge lifelong friendships. All the information about these camps can be found on the Alabama Hoops website,

In addition to its basketball programs, Alabama Hoops has some exciting news to share: the introduction of its official mascot, King Rivers! Rivers, affectionately known as the “King of the Courts,” is more than just a mascot – he’s a beloved gym dog who embodies the spirit of camaraderie and support. With his calming presence and unconditional love for kids and adults alike, Rivers is making a difference in the lives of everyone he meets.

To stay updated on the latest news and events from Alabama Hoops, be sure to follow them on Instagram @205hoops. Join the movement and be a part of the positive change happening in Birmingham through the power of basketball. Together, Alabama Hoops and Broad Metro are shaping a brighter future, one hoop at a time.